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    The following are a list of questions that may help all of us catch more blues this spring drift fishing on Truman and LOZ.

    1. How deep were you fishing when you caught most of your fish this past week end?

    2. What rig were you using?

    3. Did you catch most of your fish on cut bait or live shad?

    4. Did you catch blue cats on something other than shad?

    5. Where did you find your shad?

    6. Did you fish around humps or on the flats?

    7. Share any other information that you feel is important.

    My answers to the above questions: I was fishing in 25 ft. of water off to the side of a hump. I was using a carolina rig with a float 8 in. from the 8 "0" circle hook, caught 90% on cut bait and 10% live shad. Found shad in 3ft of water in the upper end of a cove. I noticed that almost 100% of the fish I caught had shad in their stomach, some had 3-4 shad that were fairly large in size.