Shallow water time Yet?

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  1. Anybody have any reports on Santee Lakes far as shallow water bite
    yet? i know around 60 deg. is about water temp they spawn. just wondering 'cause looks like we're gonna have a several mid 70's-80's air temps starting today. I'm thinking about a nitetime trip late sun night and not sure if its too early or would it be better too sleep at nite and drift during day.
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    Lake temperatures up here in the piedmont were 48 degrees today. Not sure what it is down in the low country. The cold weather and snow really dropped the water temperature up here.

    March 29th of last year the water temp was around 60 degrees on Santee, so it should be approaching those temps in the next few weeks.

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    They are just like us, waiting to bust out. Main lake points and creek channels will see some big action this week. They want to get in the sun and warm their shoulders too.
  4. we'll ,tried my luck in shallow water and no luck. water temp was 55 deg.
    tried to drift deeper and managed only the fatest little bullcat i even saw.
    the wind was really playing w/ me. first it was good then, died out and then blew me off the water. I did get my daughter to catch 3 crappie also.