Shallow water catfish - need a little help

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by basebklyn7, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. basebklyn7

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    dubuque, iowa
    got a question... a buddy and i have recently started cattin' again this year about a week ago.. we've been out 3 times... we're fishing a large area above a dam on the mississippi river that is about 2-3 FOW. there are many carp spawning in this area.
    each time we go out we manage a few big carp and a couple cat's (biggest so far is a 6lb channel. we are catching them on nightcrawlers.. that is all we have used.
    im looking for suggestions on something else some of you would try to entice some more catfish. any ideas? thanks
  2. capt theory

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    we have a lowwater dam in tulsa that fits that exact description. just a couple feet deep but loads of carp and rough fish. the best bait ive found was by accident. we didnt have any more shad and so we cut up some carp in pretty big chunks. my buddy and i procedeed to have one of the best nights of our career. two blues that came in at 38 and 33 and a slew of smaller blues and 2 10 pound flatheads. might be worth a try if you ask me. ever since then ive been using carp and ive gotten up to 55 pounds and more 30 pound class than i can remember. also i dont have the whole story yet but he left a message on my phone last night that said he beat his flathead record there coming in at 31 pounds. now the kicker is he was fishing for sandbass with a jig. 14 pound line and a heck of a time from what i understand. good luck man...

  3. Kentucky Boy

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    I'd recommend trying the classic chicken liver/gizzards, or crawdads. If you are looking for just the cats and want the carp to leave you alone, try the crawdads. My experience is that the carp won't mess with the dads much. Also, fish farther out in the daytime while the carp are feeding, but closer to the bank on the bottom is where I'd try when the sun goes down. Hope this helps, and good luck
  4. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    [ we didnt have any more shad and so we cut up some carp in pretty big chunks. my buddy and i procedeed to have one of the best nights of our career.

    Use the food source they are after. Spawn sacs work well too.
  5. TNcat

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    Sean, those fish are probably coming in that shallow water to feed, and if you are catching Channels than cut bait "cut blue gills, bream ,shad,etc" should work well. The head of a bluegill or bream is my favorite for Channels, Arlington and I got a 11 pound Channel last weekend on one. Hope this helps, it sounds like you have found a great hole. Good Luck.
  6. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    sounds odd but if your sure the carp are spawning there. have you tried salmon eggs? its oily and slightly smelly and if their looking to scavenge eggs whats better? I was thinking of trying this idea this year but I havent gotten out on a boat yet where I need to be.
  7. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    Try livelining a sucker about 8 inches long, or cut sucker. Carp won't touch it, but the cats will.

  8. Bigmagic

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    Edwards Missouri
    Personally I would use carp for bait. With the carp in the shallows chances are the local cats are feeding on them. I would use a cast net to catch a carp(don't get more than one in the net) and then cut long strips from the carp. Run the hook thru just one time and let it hang. Its worked well for me here on Lake of the Ozarks.
  9. WylieCat

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    Move up to cut bait, shad bream, crappie.

    The bigger the bait the greater the chance of big fish.

    Nightcrawlers and livers will catch fish all day long, but you will get every size fish in the water hitting them. Bigger cats will generally need bigger pieces of food to survive, therefor they spend their time looking for meals worth the effort!