Shallow river flathead catfish ?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by kyron4, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. kyron4

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    Extreme drought this year, the Wabash River is 2'-3' deep with many large areas of bottom showing or just barley covered in water. Been bank fishing lately in 2'-3' of water, hooked up on one 10 pounder but got off. Mainly Gars eating up all my baits. Any tips for fishing shallow slow moving rivers ? My jon boat bottoms out within 200 yds of the ramp each way. Are bridge pileings a good spot to try ? -Thanks
  2. vegasryder

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    Bridge pilings are an awesome spot to fish for any cats...You always have to remeber that cats like structures,currents breaks and holes.

  3. Goldenshinner

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    yes, ill second that vegas dude! just because its shallow it doesnt mean its bad fishing. fact being, on larger rivers allot of people will drive their boats up shallow feeder creeks, and do much better than if fishing in the main channel. how shallow??? if there is enough water to swimm in with their backs out of the water they will run it!! ive known people who successfully target 30lb class fish in less than 1 inch of water!!! by moonlight y will see them swimming in the creeks so you toss out to them. awsome awsome experience.
  4. river scum

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    mike anything that makes slack water can hold fish. they get really spread out after they eat every living thing in the holes. lol directly behing and to the sides of riffles at night is a good bet.
  5. rafter

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    Take advantage of the drought. You will have to do some walking and maybe bushwack but you should be able to find some nice shootin fish in a barrel.
  6. thunderchicken

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    Yuma Az
    The biggest flat ( 42 pounds ) I ever caught was in 4 foot of water just a stones throw from the bank at night. They chase bait in the shallows then. Tight lines.

  7. Polish Moose

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    The river I fish is very shallow as well, even during normal pool. The fish are still there, the spots just may not be as obvious. On the stretch I fish in the Fox River, deep water during normal pool is about 4', it may not be a major difference (only a foot or two) but it is enough to hold fish. All the better if you can find some wood or rock cover. Bridges work too, just be carefull they tend to gather a lot of debris. Losing a few rigs is certainly worth some big fish though! Tight lines.
  8. Blacky

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    Check out Goldenshiners thread on fishing bridge pilings.
  9. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    my biggest flathead (31 #) was caught in a small tributary in a pool about 50 ft across with a depth of about 8 feet. there was a little break in the current, and a small laydown in there. i had caught small ones there, up to about 10 or 15 lbs, and then that monster came out of nowhere and gave me quite a fight. so fish it like you normally would and you will find the fish.