Shakin it up to catch flathead catfish!

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by 5gallonsofsafety, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. 5gallonsofsafety

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    This year im trying something different im gonna retate between day fishing, morning fishing, and the all loved nights. i'm also gonna keep track of how we did and what we caught (or not) any variation i can find in order to select the perfect time and location to fish. Does anyone else intend to fish other then night? if so how have you done? the thing is we put tooo much time into this to watch a nicen munch on a basketball instead of my tasty tasty blugills:)
  2. fatcat81

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    the river i fish has no one time to fish it I have fished at 7am after work and caught fish and I have fished it at 2pm in the middle of aug,95f,80% humiddity and caught fish. but i always try to fish two diffrent bait.and never miss the chance to fish a river on the rise not a river that has rose:cool:

  3. BullDaddy

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    Bossier City, La.
    I fish alot during the day on the Red River in North La. My son and I will fish around jetty's for Bream and I will always put a couple of lines out for cats. I prefer to fish at night, especially in the summer, to get away from the jetskis and/or pleasure boats running up and down the river. Some people are courteous, but some of them have no buisiness on the water.
  4. BigCatSteve

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    Huber Heights,Ohio
    If i get out its usually right after work(get off of work at 2:00) so im on the river at about 3 or so and fish til 11 and have great luck especially when it gets close to night fall as the sun is going down the fishing heats up
  5. bro_catfish

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    Ohio ,Coshocton County
    Ill admit that Ive targeted cat mostly at night and thats oinly because the few times ive tried during the day I got skunked!
    I told my son that this year were goingto try and catfish during the day again ..We even bought a few bigger floats witht eh weighted ends