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Shakin hands (yes..I got the smell off!!)

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Hey guys ...just thought I would say hey :D

I am from the Pittsburg,Texas area...Lake Bob Sandlin...Lake of the Pines...Montecello...Cason..Lone get the picture :p

Anyway...just saying hi...and hope to feel some catfishin love from here :wub: :D
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There's plenty of fellas from your area here. Good luck and stay a while!

I'm from a little ways from ya. I fish Lake Lavon, and Lewisville. Good to have ya here on the BOC
Big Nick we we fish the same area. I live in FlowerMound and fish Grapevine and Lewsville. Have only been here two months but like grapvine have landed a few goods.

Before moving here I was in Denison and fished Texoma and the Red River, man that was the best two years.

Anyways Good to have you at the BOC Coyote. I have family in Henderson, maybe next time I go down we can fish Lake O Pines.
Lake Lewisville from the bank is where I fish. I live 5 minutes from the bridge that goes over the lake so you can usually find me there. Going to try Grapevine this weekend.

Where at Grapevine are you going to be at. I will be out myself.
I am going to a location some folks call the cliffs. I hear A bunch of folks get together and fish for Carp. When theres Carp, Catfish are usually not far.
I have directions at home I can send you if you need them.
when you get a chance to send them that would be great. I live about 10 minutes from the lake so I may come by.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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