Shakespere Sturdy Stik

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Cathunter Pete, May 8, 2009.

  1. Cathunter Pete

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    Fayetteville NC
    I just bought two of them back in march one was a 6'6, and the other 7'0 one piece casting rod. I like them, I've caught a couple of 20lbers on them so far and have had no issues with them. I see no reason why you couldn't land a 50 plus pounder on them. I have a Penn 9M on one, and a Shakespeare Tidewater 30 on the other. They cast great, the tips are a little stiff for circle hooks, however I've still had success using circle hooks with them. Plus for $20 you can't beat that price. Picked mine up at Gander Mtn.
  2. basincajun

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    They are really tuff rods! I use to sell them where I work and I can't ever remember anyone bringing one back broken. Now that I'm getting back into catting, I wish we would still sell them. I'm glad to see that Academy has them. I'll have to go and check out their stock. The only thing is I wish they had a couple more guides.

    Tom L.

  3. brownie525

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    i have one that i got brand new at a yard sale havent used it to much but so far it seems to hold up fine. the tips is a little to stiff compared to my other poles but for the price you cant beat it.
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    Sturdy Stik 6'6 M/H is all I have used for sometime now and have caught some hogs on them. The fish in my avatar was caught on one and weighed 62 pounds and it handled it fine with no problems. The best part about them is the price tag at around $20.00 buck at CC. In my opinion, there is nothing close in quality for the same price. I know another person on here who uses them also and has caught some big blues too but Ill let him chime in and give his own opinion.