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Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by katfish hunter, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. katfish hunter

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    I'm planning on buying a tidewater surf rod for the surf fishin I do and I'm wondrin if that's a good rod or not?And also , if there are any surf fishermen in the greater jacksonville area of Florida, please tell me what you use for bait, what rigs, line, and what type of fish you catch.
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    I had one before it got stolen and it did well, but when I bought replacment rods I went with a couple of 12 footers one by penn and one by diawa. as for rigs that depedns on what you will be fishing for and with. double drop rigs are great for cut baits, blood worms and so on. live bait rigs, king rigs, fish finder rigs. if you are fishing for what bites go with a double drop rig and blood worms and cut bait (menhadden, shrimp, fish, squid, clam and so on) this will most likely be your best bet. If all else fails look to the "old salts" tthe older guys they are good source of info at the water. if you can use fresh live bait for cut are cut. in Florida i believe you can buy live shrimp and menhaden. IMO the best all purpose bait is Blood worms are Fishbites blood worm alterative. I don't know why my type looks like this please ignore the bold type. Gulp also makes som pretty impressive saltwater baits also. good luck I hope you catch a monster.