Shakespeare spk 2000 review

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    I am writing this review for this reel not to tell you to go buy one but maybe how to get the one you have to work better for you.

    I will first describe my reel, it has a 4 pin cetrifical brake clutch and the drag system in the reel has 4 stack drag system. Make sure the little black brakes will slide on the metal arm, if pushed inward enough they will lock in, thus not help you with cast control. I have lost 2 of my brakes of course and I use heavy oil to help control the cast.:eek:oooh:

    I have read where many had problems casting this reel because lack of good brake control. I had the same problems with the spool not having enough adjustment for fine tuning. Need thumb practice to get it to work good. Mine threw light 1 oz stuff fine but heavy was tricky. You can control this 3 ways don’t fill the spool completely, use heavier line(does the same thing) or lube the bushing with a heavy oil. I have my oiled with 20w-50 motor oil same thing I put in my truck, put a small drop on each bushing and 1 drop in the worm, and it will slow the spool down and make it more controllable.
    I have just spooled mine with 30lb mono, I see where a lot of you here you heavy line like that. With my oil job and 3-?oz of weight, 7ft rod I throw 60 yards without any hint of fluff on the spool. I may have the spool a little slow but with bait and fishing conditions it will probably be about right. You many need to throw farther but I mostly fish from a boat so that is plenty far, if want a faster spool go to a lighter oil.

    The clicker…. Well it is pretty much crap, does not click loud or have enough tension to suit me. That may be a problem for some, I use a circle hook or keep the rod close for a quick hooksets.

    My reel has not caught fish the size that many of you catch, this one has landed one 30lb blue and plenty of 10-12lb cats and striped bass . The drag still works fine, it will set tight enough you can’t pull the line out by hand. The washers do look as if they are not as durable as they should be, maybe some of you, have already worn yours out. The drag washers in my reel are the same size as abu washers p/n(1) 13169, (3) 20907, you can these from smooth drag or carbotex washers. This should get your reel to working good, mine will be getting some soon enough. But I have decent luck with stock drags and 20lb line usually.

    I am sure the worm gear or pawl will wear out, parts maybe to expensive to fix it. I will probably take out the pawl and line carriage. I would leave the worm and cover in the reel for strength and fish it without the level wind.
    An ABU 6500 it is not but mine has worked well, just trying to give a little info that maybe useful in getting more use out of it.:big_smile: