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Shakespeare SKP2000S reel

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I got one of these from Wal Mart for 30.00 and it seems to be a very nice reel for the money. It is a smooth casting/retrieving reel for only one bearing. It has a nice gear ratio (Something around 4.3:1 if I remember right.) The clicker is a little quiet, but has held up well. Overall very nice.

You probably shouldnt tackle anything too big on it, since it isnt really designed for any line that is over about 12 pounds. The drag can tighten more than that, but you probably shouldnt put anything more than 15 on it. I have 20 pound and fish take line off of it waaaayyyy too easy, even when the drag is set as tight as I can get it. Excellent for channels and small blues/flats. Tight lines everyone.
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I have a SKP3000 I got from Catfish Connection. I believe it is real close to the Wallyworld SKP2000S. Never caught anything big on it but my fishing parners boy hauled in a 43 pound flat with his. Abu
i had one of these reels for a bit. sold it as well as my tide water. i liked it. it was a smooth reel. now me and several others have had problems with the clicker quiting or getting weak soon after buying. i took it apart and found that by bending the flat spring steel thing to put a lil more pressure on the toothed gear it will work again loudly. i think it was just a small man defect but other than that i liked it. caught many 2-6#channels on it.
They are my main baitcasting reel for catfishing. i love them.... they aren't as well made as the abus but at 1/2 the price can you really complain...

the clicker isn't the most sturdy thing in the world though and will break and/or stop working correctly sometimes. and that can affect the casting performance.

For handling fish, the drag is a bit light but you won't break a fish off easily if your in open water...biggest handled on it for me was an 8 but it deals well w/ 3-5 lbers who think they are 50lbs...

When matched with the right rod its a deadly set up.
I agree with the previous posts on the reel. It's good. My buddy uses the Shakespeare reels exclusively and I have seen him land big blues on it in the 60lb. range. He uses 20lb.Big Game line and a 7ft. Med.Hvy. rod. Since I have been fishing with him (3yrs.) he's had that particular reel and it has performed quite well for him. So much so that I just recently bought myself a Shakespeare Catera baitcaster, a change from Abu Garcias which I own 3 of and would'nt trade for anything. The bait clicker did stop working for him too. But for the money, no real reason to complain. Good Luck.

Do those reels have anti-reverse in them.I was wanting to buy one for parts.I bought a el-cheapo baitcaster lastnight for parts.I think it may have the same clutch bearing in it as the ambassadeurs.I have always wanted to get one of the shakespears and tear it down and compare the parts to a ambassadeur.What do they look like under the skin?I can buy cheaper reels for parts easier than I can buy those clutch bearings ;)
I tore the SKP3000 apart to see what it was made of. It does have anti-reverse, one ball bearing and brass main and pinion gears, my guess is they are a little softer brass than the Ambassadeurs. The anti-reverse is achieved with an anti-reverse pawl, just like the Ambassadeur 7000c3. The spool is one piece and no chance of easily adding bearings. Cheapest clicker I have seen, tried to make it louder but it is touchy, need to make something more solid for the clicker instead of the paper thin piece of tin they used. Can't complain too much though for a new $18.00 baitcaster. The spool is noisy when casting but casts well with some power behind them. I uploaded the schematic and parts list to ftp space.
Link To SKP3000 Parts List & Schematic Abu
I just bought a SKP4100 and it has a clutch dog in it.It's not instant anti-reverse.The C3 has a one-way clutch bearing in it.That's were you get the instant anti reverse.I bought it for the parts but it's not what I exspected.Most of the nicer and newer ambassadeurs have clutch bearings.They did away with the brass clutch dogs.If it's got the little brass clutch dog that flips against the gear and keeps it from reversing,thats not instant,the clutch bearing makes it instant.I bought 3 reels this week to see what makes them tick and I can honestly say none of them tick like an ambassadeur.It's a good reel ,and I'll see what it's made of.You're right about the 7000c3 ,but most of them have clutch bearings like the 6500 C3.
I like the instant anti-reverse with the clutch bearing much better on the 6000 series. Another little thing I don't like about the 7000c3 is you have to have the cranking handle in just the right position before the clicker will engage, too bad they didn't put the clicker switch in a better position on the 7000c3, it is harder to switch on than about any reel I have used. From reading on here I believe most fishermen like to be able to turn the handle on the Ambassadeurs and it locks your spool. I would rather have a flip-switch like my Penns. With the Penns I don't have to worry about the handle getting accidently bumped by me or anyone fishing with me, especially when they are laying flat on a dock. With the Ambassadeurs sometimes the bottom of my forearm will bump the handle during casting and my bait sets new records but my hook is only 10 yards out, never a problem with the flip-switch on a Penn because the crank handle is disengaged along with the spool until you engage them both with the flip-switch. Now I would like to have Abu Garcia design a reel just for me. :) Abu
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