Shakespeare SKP 2000 Clicker Fix

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    I bought my first baitcaster a few weeks ago...Shakespeare SKP 2000. I paid too much for it, because I didn't know any better. I'd bought the SKP because it had the same functions as the Abu Garcia 6500C. Second time using it, the clicker got stuck on. I fixed it. Third time using it, the clicker got stuck on...So I bent it out of the way so I could cast. The very next cast the reel had a fit and made a bunch of noises like a car wreck. It's been a couple weeks and I've finally sat down to fix it.

    I rebent the clicker into a new shape, better than the factory shape. I also found that the disc weight on the left side of the spool had come unglued. I glued it back on with Gorilla Glue after roughing both surfaces with 60 grit sand paper.


    When it's working right, it's a good reel. Not as good at casting as my 6500C I just got, but definitely useable for catfish.

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