Shakespeare Alpha XT Baitcaster?

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by Cutter, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Cutter

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    I have 3 of these reels 2 that is working and 1 that was missing the spool control knob assemble. Well I emailed shakespeare about the spool control knob assemble and they said they would send it to me. Well I recieved the knob assemble it has the knob, spring, rubber washer and a metal washer.

    I took apart the other 2 working reels to see which washer was where. First one I took apart had the metal washer in the knob cap first then the rubber washer. The second reel had the rubber washer in the knob cap first then the metal washer.

    I still don't know the proper order to install the knob assemble because both reels were different. I don't have parts diagram or anything that shows which way they go. I has also searched the web for a diagram but have had no luck.

    Maybe some of you guys have owned or own one of these reels and can tell me the proper placement of those washers.
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    pm sent with service contact number and e-mail address they will help you with info ,hope this helps