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shakespeare alpha reels?

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i was just wondering if anybody has tried these reels and would like to know what you think of em? caught any monsters with one? and how did it hold up?
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i never catch big fish but for the channels its worked good.
I have an big alpha I got years ago and have caught a ton of fish on it. The biggest catfish was a 24 lb flat in a perty good current. But the biggest fight was a 65 lb grass carp my uncle wanted removed from his pond. Had it snagged about five times till I got some line big enough to get him in. Still had a treble hook in him from the last time I hooked up with it. It did'nt go to waste either, we ate most of it, tasted like crap so I didn't eat too much but some folks down the road must of thought it tasted good cause they ate a bunch then took the rest home!
buzz i havent had any trouble with my alpha either and for 20 bucks? i have two of em and they are always catching fish at the pond i caught an 8lber down there the other day and it was still smooth at bringing it in i was impressed! both in the fact i have an 8lb cat down there lol and that the cheap reel was perfect at bringing it in lol i would recommend em to anybody.
I use shakespeares Alpha series on my UL (though its one step up from UL reel) and i've never had a problem w/ them... i use 4 lb test so the drags crucial and the only fish that have ever broken off were because they pulled the rod up the holder till the reel was against it (bass pros 3 way bank stick, buddy pole or something like that) and just took off like a rocket across the pond. Biggest i've landed on it was a 6 or 7 lber and the drag didn't give me any problems...
i should have been more specific i guess lol the alpha spinner i have is for stripers and catfish lol it comes with 20 lb. line and you can get it at wally world for 20 bucks lol i have respooled mine 2 times with big game line and it is working great! so hopefully if i get a big enough fish on it i can drag it kicking and screaming onto the shore with me lol
I have one I use everytime I go out...oddly enough it is now mounted on my tiger spinning combo Works great, I just landed a 17 ib channel and 37 lb flathead with it last week.
hey ksu that is what kind of rod i have one of my alphas on too lol i think they are both worthy of trying out i was surprised by how good they go together lol the tiger is supposed to be a great spinning reel too but i wouldn't recommend getting a closed faced version of the tiger the cheap plastic isnt worth buying lol but if you replace it with an alpha you get a decent set-up for around 40$ lol
Never use a alpha before!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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