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    headed down to the tailrace with the kids on sat. does anyone know if the shad are still there.if so i could use a little help have never tried them before was gonna use a jig with a chartruse curly tail?does that sound about right?and do you need to be all the way up by the locks or about anywhere?thx guys in advance.
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    Joe, it will probably be pretty crowded, as usual for a Saturday. The shad are still there, and the grub you mentioned is about as good as any. The north bank right up to the sanctuary sign is a favorite spot, and most of the boats will be lined up along either bank. I have also anchored out of casting distance of those other boats and done quite well. Almost anywhere above the railroad trestle is ok, but the closer to the dam, the better, usually. Another spot that I caught some earlier is on the right (north) just above a pier that sticks out into the river. There is an old boat ramp just above there, and that area paid off pretty good for me a couple of times already.
    If you have sabiki rigs, you can drift or anchor out in the middle and work them slowly up and down; watch for the right depth on your sonar. They can be lots of fun on a light rig. :big_smile:

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    Something else to consider is the distance from the dam where it is illegal to fish. There are 2 signs, one on each side of the tailrace. "No fishing here to the dam, fish santuary" or something. Think its 1000 feet from dam but don't quote me.
    Been a few years since I've fished there. Hooked and lost my biggest flathead ever in those waters. Was using a 3 way rig with 5/0 hook cut herring filleted whole side. The baits were about 10 inches live herring. Got him up to the boat but he got around the propeller cutting the line. Still hoping to see that one again.
    Good luck to you!