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    hi I got a question about shad, last yr around this time me and a couple buddys did some work at the marina where he keeps his boat,i noticed a bunch of shad around the docks, my buddy told me that every yr they are all around the marina,that they come in there and die,the next day when we got there the water around the docks was covered with dead shad,could you go out there and get a bunch of them and freeze them and use them later. A few yrs ago I was fishing up around the winfield dam and I got a bunch of them i had them on a cooler of ice and cold water when i left to go home i took them along and roze them to use later,the next time i used them i got no bites at all,can they be roze and reused and if so how many times before they need to be thrown out,one thing i noticed bout them was they didnt seem to have the same smell as live and fresh dead shad.
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    Fresh are always better and when you get them alive they are even better because they bleed real well. My rule is get them live and use them fresh but if you get them live you can vacuum seal them and use them but if they thaw out just throw them away don't refreeze them that don't work.


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    the reason you find alot of dead shad around this time of year is called winter kill or winter kill do to the coldwater and lack of sun.due ice or but many lack of sunlight during the daytime.which plantion and alega need this to live.which is what shad feed on.when the ice melt or ice out and the water warm up in the 40's the blue come out of the deep wintering hole to feast on the winter kill shad on wind side flats,point,shollows and river don't get me wrong the baitfish are moving into the same area to.
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    i swear by live or fresh cut shad. if its been dead more than about 15 minutes i dont use it. thats just me. seems like if the cats wanted to eat shad that had been floating dead that long, they would be there too.
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    You can freeze them and use later naturally it wont be as good as fresh bait but its will do better than no bait. Whatever you do though dont put them directly on ice make sure they are in a ziplock bag or they will become soft and mushy and then you can just throw them away. When i freeze them i cut them into bait size and freeze 1 per bag this is with the cutters( large gizzard shad).
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    If the shad are available to catch alive then by all means catch them, freeze them and they will make great bait. I like to estimate how many I would use on a typical day fishing and place that many in one container (depends on size of shad). I never cut them prior to freezing as I believe that they will lose all of their oil and blood (my preference). It is especially important to make sure they are COMPLETELY unfroze prior to fishing. Even if they are "almost" thawed they will not work as well. Never refreeze them, once unthawed you might as well use them, they will be no good later. I hope this helps! If cast nets are legal in your state, one cast will produce hundreds of shad if they are pooling there.