Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by roughneckcatman, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. roughneckcatman

    roughneckcatman New Member

    St. Joseph, Missouri
    Could someone tell me where to use a throw net in the Missouri River to catch shad and/or goggle eye??
  2. Desperado

    Desperado Active Member

    Pataskala, Ohio
    I don't know about that river, but here I go around mouths of creeks dumping in the river and near dam areas and bridges.

  3. Southernraised84

    Southernraised84 Guest

    I agree with desperado. Those are the best places on a river to get shad.
  4. Big Nick

    Big Nick Guest

    Anywhere theres a good shallow area with few snags!
  5. fwmud

    fwmud New Member

    Wilson's Mills,nc
    You could also try baiting for shad by breadcrumbs,Koi food or
    you can sometimes get lucky with a light at night to attact them
    and then net. the above locations would be my first place
    to start.
  6. roughneckcatman

    roughneckcatman New Member

    St. Joseph, Missouri
    Thank you all for your responses everyone verified what my thoughts were. I'll let ya know how i do. I have two day tourney Sat.7-4 and Sun 7-4. Hope to take down the man who has now won 10 tourneys in a row. He seems to be unbeatable. I have fished the mighty MO river for about ten years, but mainly for flathead and catching these blue cats i have not quite figured out. All the tourneys i have fished have been won with big blues, so i gotta figure out where on the river to get em!! If anyone fishes the Missouri River and has any advise or tips feel free to share please!! I am new to this site and i think it is great. If anyone is up in the St. Joseph area and wants to hit the river let me know. I have a boat and always looking for fishing partners. A person can never have too many of those.
  7. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    for your tourny... do what you know. If you can catch flats catch flats, tournament situations aren't the time to be testing new things out. the best thing any angler can have in his boat or bag is confidence... sure you can have a rod out for blues while your going for flatties but have your primary be what you know.
  8. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    I'm in KC so only about 45 min. from the boat ramp in st.joe. How often do they have these tournys. How many people show up and whats the payout like? Man I'll fish one of them things.
  9. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    i have to agree with PHOTO CAT confidence confidence.this is the best
    weapon you can have when going to a tournament.use whatever bait that
    you have had sucess with.practice with other things later.when you get to the tournament,walk up shake his hand and give him a big grin,this will make
    him wonder what your up to.he can be beat,trust me.just remember to keep
    confidence.FOCUS FOUCS FOCUS.your time will come.
  10. cross_their_eyes

    cross_their_eyes New Member

    Show Me State
    If you need shad off the missouri. Throw behind the wing dykes in the slack water. Right on the mud flats. Let your net go deep. I took all of my large shad closer to the bottom, 3-6 feet deep. The smaller ones are shallower.
  11. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    Shad love concrete with a current running along it. I even know of one spot where there's a concrete apron with a trickle of water runnnig over it; where it falls off the edge of the concrete, the shad congregate.
  12. davesoutfishing

    davesoutfishing Guest

    try the upside bank of a marina entrance about two foot from bank if just a few caught then try the other side of the boat(deeper water on the other side) works well for me
  13. Cuz

    Cuz New Member

    DeSoto, MO
    I primarily fish the Mississippi. If the river is up, I catch most my shad in the feeder creeks. If its down like it is now, I have to go behind the wing dykes and get them on the sand/mud banks. I get the larger ones in 5-8 foot of water and smaller ones up close to the bank. I use a 5 foot bait net, and usually have enough for a 4 hour trip in 20 minutes or so. Good Luck Fishing.
  14. Catfight

    Catfight Guest

    Mouths of the creeks and shallow flats usually work for me. I love a good Catfight.
  15. Mocathunter

    Mocathunter New Member

    St. Joseph, Missouri
    Hey roughneck,

    I live up here in St. Joe myself, live right on the city limit line. I've probably seen you out there before. I'm fishing in the US Cats tourney this weekend up here, hoping for a nice fish to put us over the top. Are you in the tourney this weekend?? I've been fishing down south for the past 2 weeks, haven't been out up here in St. Joe for awhile. I seem to have better luck down south. See ya' out there!
  16. Mr cat

    Mr cat Guest

    Hope you guys do well in the tournament. Let us know how you do.