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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by ncfowler, Jun 24, 2007.

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    while after baiting and casting out some cut shad waiting for a hit i was pealing off some shad scales from my hands and everything else. Some scales on my rods handles been there for almost 2 years. You would think that they would over time they would peal off. I do wash off my hands before i handle my gear but it seams no matter how often you wash off there is a scale some where. This got me think in a humorous way, what uses shad scales could be used for. Humm maybe gluing broken mortor parts together. These little shinney flecks stick to everything and when dry it almost takes a impack hammer to remove them. It never fail even after taking a long shower using a fingernail brush to clean my hands and arms I find a scale stuck somewhere on my hand. If you look at my reels one would think some young child glued sequents on it , luckly my rod handles and rod seat has matching decor.

    Not only are there scales on my rods and reels, in my bait tank at the end of the day there is a layer of scales on the bottom, When i dump the water over it lights up in a stoarm of shinney scale almost as if in a snow globe. scales ever where on my deck on my neck, in my hair floating in the air, scales ever where stuck to my hands killing my nightly plans,

    just a thought while drifting waiting for a hit
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    Eric Maurer
    I've actually had people admire the "sparkle" finish on my rods until they relaized they were shad scales! I only clean them off of the grips. I've even found them in the buttons on my car's unlocking remote in the crevasses!

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    Scales and tails. I can clean my boat, I mean really clean it, take everything out, scrub it, wash it, etc, and still find a shad tail or two I've overlooked hiding somehere in the boat. Not to mention the scales that won't come off the deck.....