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  1. Redman 54

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    Ihave been having a hard time catching shad lately. Iam finding good schools of shad on the graph but when I throw the net no shad Can anyone please give me some advice on what I am doing wrong?
  2. Dreadnaught

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    If you are using a depth/fish finder to locate them, chances are you have gone past them or they have moved a little. Usually by the time they show up on the finder they are a little ways behind you. Try running slower and shut off the engine after you turn back to them and drift over them, that spook easy.

  3. Bryan8552

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    Also, a lot of times you're throwing at shad which are so small they go right through the mesh of your net. You can't tell how big the shad are on sonar. Me and my 12 yr old son threw for an hour or more one day at shad we could see flipping and never caught a thing. Finally, I pulled the net up real fast one time and could see those little dudes escaping through the mesh.
  4. foothills

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    all good advice here...what i have found is that if i am using my finder to catch shad then i'm throwing in deeper water and even when i'm crawling along with my trolling motor and mark a huge school i will throw the net on the transducer side of the boat and back about 5 or 6 feet...even still sometimes they move or are very small and you just don't come up with any bait...however sometimes you load up...also using the largest diameter net you can throw will help in this situation...and they sell nets with more wieght added to them than a typical throw net to make it sink faster...this can help in this situation also and one more thing to consider is getting a net with small holes like 1/4 inch instead of 3/8 so the smaller baits don't just swim through the net.
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    Everthing footfills said is good to go! Also this time of yr. you can catch shad right at dark. They will move into the shallows.:wink: