shad on lake conway

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    I fished lake conway this morning for bream. Some to eat and some to bring back to jug with tonight on Greers Ferry. But in the middle of sweating out a bream here and there, the shad came a big way.
    I always carry my throw net on Conway.
    Anyway, if anyone needs some shad and can't make it to the river to get them, there are tons on Conway. I probably ended up with well over 1000 in just a few throws. They were all small though (about 3 inches long) I put them in a gallon zip loc and 7 quart zip loc bags. (Don't know why I will ever need a gallon of shad). They were all bunched up within sight of the I-40 bridge.
    Hope the Greers cats like conway bream and shad.
    good luck.