Shad in the Chickahominy River

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    Dont know how many guys ish the Chick but it is quite a cool fishery once the shad and herring get going. I go down as long as the bait is in. At times the bait can be a pain but once we have enough we tend to catch a lot of stripers and cats.

    The best part is taking small circle hooks and octopus hooks and rigging some side strips for the gar. We have caught and released gar up to 50 inches. If you havent hooked one of these you really should give it a try as they often times they come flying out of the water. Be careful handling them, they dont like boats, small nets or being horsed around, in addition their scales are quite sharp compared to most fish.

    Hope I gave someone a new idea for this spring.
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    Thanks for the great information and welcome to the BOC, Brian!