Shad in different area's

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    Hubert, NC
    As Carelessthunder, Krazy Carl, and I expand on our catfishing adventures I think we are hamstringing ourselves by not having shad in our inventory. My question is are shad readily available in the Neuse/Trent and the NE/Cape Fear. Any input would be much appreciated.

    P.S. I am looking to catch my own, not purchase. I am much to scared of the wife to spend money on bait!
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    I like that ps. lol :smile2: I think you can Get htem up around locking dam #1 in Regalwood , atleast thats what i've been told by several people . I havent got shad there personally , I get them up on lock #3 . Don't know if there in the NE Cape Fear or not . You could ask Wess or Randy about that and they could tell you for sure . Hope this helps you out . :wink: