Shad Hotspots??

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  1. Mudbug007

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    Having a hard time finding Shad on Gibson and Robert S Kerr. Some days it only takes a throw or two and others you can't buy a Shad in the same spot you caught them yesterday.

    Where are the best places to find Shad when the weather gets cold?
  2. ccat

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    Fayetteville Ar
    When I have been on Kerr, which has been a month ago, shad were thicker than ever. I heard last week from a friend they had no trouble netting them. I guess they are just moving with the moving water that is being pulled thru Kerr.
    I have caught a bunch on Grand this year and all last fall from Oct thru Dec. They are thick over there too.
    Keep looking on the depth finder and you'll more than likely find those big shad balls and rack up.
    Good luck.