Shad Cutting Table for a Catfish Boat

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    One thing about this time of the year and the next few months... you finally have the time to set down and work on the projects you have had in mind for the past few months. One of my projects has been this shad table. I am so tired of cutting shad on my plastic bucket...what a mess. So, I made this little table at a total expense of about $6.00. Most parts were just lying around the house.

    Pic #1 is a picture of the rod holders in my Friend, FuzzFaces boat. Made mine identical to his, so the pic is the same.

    Pic #2 is the parts required. The gavlanized pipe flange was purcahsed at Home Depot for $4.09 (as I remember), and the PVC fitting was $.79. This was all the out of pocket expense.

    Pic #3 is everything assembled.

    Pic #4 is the almost completed project. Need to sand the edges and coat with spar varnish or other type protectent.

    All that is needed now is just to take the table out of the holder, swish it around in the water to clean it, and head home.