Shad chum

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by dust777man, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Was thinking about using some shad to chum with. Thought about cutting up chunks and blending them in a blender then freezing them. When I am ready to fish, throwing out a few frozen chunks for chum. Just wondering what you folks thought about that idea and if it might work? Or mixing it in with flour and making like a ball and using that as a chum. Thanks for your input.
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    Either would work but chum is usually pretty slow working and it would be best if you could chum earlier in the day and then come back to the area. We use a commercial catfish food we buy from the local grain store. It floats but we put it in an old nylon or onion sack with weight. Leave a rope and float on it to retrieve it after fishing. We go out and drop off a sack in different areas and then go back later to fish them. Secret is to have the float a foot or two under water so others don't see them. We tape a green light stick we get from Wolf Products to the float and you'd be amazed at how they light up the water after dark. Green light attracts plankton, that attracts minnows and shad, that attract bluegills and crappie, that attract catfish. We figure it can't hurt and it makes it easier to find them at night when everything looks the same. Yes, others can see the glow after dark but most don't know what it is and don't bother them. If someone would be fishing our spot we would just go to the next one and let them fish.