shad at Osceola

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  1. Catter

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    Osceola, Arkansas
    Lotta shad being caught at the riverport in Osceola. One report was 1 cast can the net was too heavy to pull on the boat alone, had to let some out. This report was from a very reliable source.

    To get there from town go east on Keiser st. all the way thru town past the RxR tracks. Turn right just after the school and head outa town that way. Take the 1st left after yoou leave town and it takes you to the Riverport. Go straight back and you should be able to walk down to the water where there is a pipe just under water or sticking out a bit. Throw here for shad.

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    Marion Ark
    Thanks for the info, I sure would like to try and get there, been working till dark lately.