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    Thought there would be some info on here. Reportedly the city of Thomasville leaked millions of gallons of sewage into High Rock the last few months. Possibly up to amost 16 million gallons. I also heard a rumor that Highrock is going to lower to drought levels. Anyone know the truth of these matters?
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    When I was up there Saturday , the water appeared to be at normal levels. Tuckertown was normal , and Badin was a bit low. Hearing about this sewage spill , I'm lucky I didn't catch anything up there. The things humanity does never ceases to dismay. All of the areas , save Uwharrie , were crowded. There was a post about this topic on here last week. They said there were turds visibly floating in Abbott's Creek. Unsure of validity , but just to be on the safe side , I won't be eating anything from those lakes for a while!!

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    Surprised it hasn't been blamed on a hog farmer is all I can say.
    You can have a tampax sticking out of turd and it'll get blamed on a hog farm.
    What you want to bet the municipality will mange to keep it off the front page of the state rags and skirt by a huge fine?

    What alot of people don't realize is that these sewage plants get inundated through equipment failure or heavy rains and purposely release.
    Let a hog farmer try that one.
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    (Video can be seen here from FOX8 news concerning this matter,0,3874564.story )

    From FOX8 news
    THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) - The city of Thomasville could be facing a massive fine from the federal government after millions of gallons of sewage leaked into a creek.

    According to the city, a damaged manhole allowed 15.9 million gallons of raw sewage to dump into the Hamby Creek, which flows into High Rock Lake.

    "This is one of the largest sewage spills we've seen in the state in over ten years," said Yadkin Waterkeeper Dean Naujoks. "This went on for 20 consecutive days and people were literally swimming in sewage in High Rock Lake."

    The sewage leak happened between July 13th and August 4th.

    Morgan Huffman, Thomasville's Public Services Director, says the city addressed the problem after neighbors complained about an odor on August 3rd. The city estimated at the time about 385,000 gallons had leaked into the creek.

    However, a city worker said the city was way off on its estimates and it knew about the leak before August 3rd. The worker contacted the Yadkin Riverkeeper and showed work logs that first reported the problem on July 16th.

    "On two occasions in the log book, operators had written down their was low flow but that was never brought to our attention at City Hall. I wish they had," said Morgan Huffman.

    The Yadkin Riverkeeper contacted the EPA which has now launched a criminal investigation. The federal investigation unit used search warrants to look through the city's records, interview employees and ask the city to amend its findings that 15.9 million gallons of sewage leaked.

    "How the city handled this is my biggest concern. They failed to report the information immediately. They only amended their report once the EPA criminal investigation was underway," said Dean Naujoks.

    The sewage totals more than the Exxon Valdese Oil Spill.

    The city was fined $1,600 when the leak was first discovered, but officials expect the fine to increase once the EPA finishes its investigation.
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    Thanks for the tips on the turds. I'll make sure that the next time i go swimming i'll keep my mouth shut.
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    WOW! Fox put that article up on Sept 15, but, the last Davidson Reporter I got called it "Waste Water" not "Sewage"... which are very different.