Setups for columbia and snake ?

Discussion in 'OREGON RIVER TALK' started by baitcastingcats, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. baitcastingcats

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    what setups are you guys running on these rivers ? i live right were the snake meets the columbia. im getting ready to go out to mcnarry in the morning so ill try nightcrawlers and livers. what does every one use for bait for bigger cats ?
  2. shortshank

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    Live bait if you can get it..cut bait shad, smelt, herring or anything with scales, suckers, cut into chunks on a 18 inch or longer leader. Sounds like you are in the right area too. I fish several spots below Bonneville Dam..the Willamette River and all the way back to the Gilbert..LOTS of cats in the Gilbert River. I use my Penn 209's or sometimes my Penn 320GTi's in the big river(s) or my Penn 9 in the smaller water. I have caught several Sturgeon in the Columbia and Willamette while fishing for I have enough rod and reel fot either/both.