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  1. cathunter26

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    I am fairly new to using circle hooks and though I like them alot there have been times when I know I have a bite and it will bend the pole over pretty good a few times then nothing, I am not jerking the pole or anything so my question is Can you wait to long before you start reeling and fighting the fish.
  2. brad kilpatrick

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    A circle hook (or any hook for that matter) will do absolutly nothing unless the fish has it in its mouth.

    I know here lately we have been getting a number of short strikes. Where the fish has the bait and not the hook, pulling the rod over untill he rips the bait off. that might be some of the problem.

    sometimes when the fish only partially loads the rod up you can try cranking in the reel in the rod holder to load it up the rest of the way. when you use this method it works best when you crank the reel as fast as you can untill you know you've got him.

  3. Catfish Pursuit

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    I use circle hooks exclusively, 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus circles, and rarely miss fish but when I do I also think its because the fish doesn't have the hook in its mouth, just the bait. When I can, I leave the reel out of gear with the clicker on, then just put it in gear when it starts screaming. Chris
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    Walter Flack
    Another factor might be is the point of the hooks needs to free of scales or any debris. If you hook your bait too deep the circle hook will turn right back into the bait causing a missed hook-up.
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    Hey I use circle hooks to and you dont have to worry about setting the hook the fish usually hooks there selfs but I usually keep my button pushed in that way when it takes it it can run then i tighten the line and jerk.
  6. Ryan 57

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    I have missed fish before because of having a scale or some kind of obstruction between the shank of the hook and the point. Just make sure when u hook your bait the fish has room to get his jaw into the hook.
  7. BKS72

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    Short strikes in my experience are generally the problem. I know the temptation is there to use huge baits, but I've found that smaller baits work as well for me and I don't get the number of misses. A lot of guys are going to stinger hook rigs for larger baits as well.

    Nothing's a hundred percent, but most of these fish hit hard enough in the summer that they're hooked whether it's a circle or a J on that first big slam (unless the reel's in free spool). By the time someone gets to the rod holder to set a J hook, the fish has done the work and the set is just kind of insurance, IMHO.