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Discussion in 'Fish Finder Review and Study' started by catchaser1, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. catchaser1

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    Anderson S.C.
    I have just purchased a lowrance 522c igps, and was wondering on the optimum settings for sensitivity, colorline, ect, to get the best out of my unit, thanks
  2. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    I have the Lowrance LCX-27C, and it is set up perfect for me , but being that I fish the muddy Mississippi River most of the time, my settings might not be close to what will work for you.
    Sensitivity: I usually run it around 68%. I will usually back it off in clearer water.
    Chart Speed: I will set on MAX for faster returns
    Ping Speed: Set to MAX also.
    Colorline: I use the default setting.
    With these setting I am also getting high speed readings of up to 47 MPH.I I also have my transducer dropped just a hair below my transom. This is giving me almost perfect arches. Good Luck!:big_smile: