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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by photocat, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. photocat

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    For fishing out of a small boat(mine is a canoe but looking at getting a johnboat (10ft) as a more stable catfishing boat). What is the best way to set up for catfishing... i've got rod holders that i'll be mounting on the sides for drifting in the lakes i fish... i also have an anchor specifically made for small boats, mostly shallow water applications.

    My major concern is that if i get a bite from a BIG fish (possible to 25-30lbs that i've seen come out of the lake) that it will off set the balance in the canoe and i will flip, losing my gear and the fish.... Anyone else fish from a small boat that can tell me what they've done to combat this issue.
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    A while back there was some discussion on this , most thought that a stabilizer system like this would do the job.

    Should be pretty easy to put together an ugly one with something like boat bumpers for floats.

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    Photocat, I made an outrigger for my canoe out of 6" PVC pipe. If you are interested, I'll tell you how. It's simple to do.....
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    In addition to rigging your boat/canoe where it won't tip so easily, I'd get me a good plastic bucket or two, with lids, to store all my gear. Keep the lids on securely, so that if the boat does capsize, the buckets will float. For your rods and such, either put foam on them to make them float, or tie them to the boat. Wear your life jacket at all times, and wear shoes that you can swim in, or that will kick off easily. I had a boat overturn while I was wearing rubber fisherman's boots; couldn't swim a lick in them. Fortunately, they kicked off my feet very easily. I never wear heavy lace-up boots while out in a boat.
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    well if you have the capability I would leave the reels free spooled with the alert on. That way when they take off like a bat out of hell you at least have a chance of staying dry and not having to fish your canoe out of the water and lose all your gear. I use abu garcia bait cast reels and they work wonders. That is the best advice that I can offer you man hope it works out.
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    If you plan to anchor and fish, always be sure you anchor from the bow or stern only. Never from the side of the boat. Doing so will do a couple of things for you. If you're in a current, you won't be sitting broad side to the current which is potentially disastrous. Another thing where this will help is if you choose to fight a large fish while anchored, the fish will most likely pull you around on the end of the anchor line and you will always be pointed at it (more or less) reducing the the chance of capsizing. That is, of course, until you get the fish up to the side of the boat and have to work on landing it.

    Additionally, if you anchor in a current, ALWAYS have a fixed blade knife immediately available in the event you have to get free in a hurry.