Setting the drag on your fishing reel....

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by kyelkhunter3006, Jan 16, 2009.

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    At this site, scroll down until you come to Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal. Click on it, then flip through the episodes until you come to the one called "Tackle Talk"., it's on page 3. Click on it to watch it. They cover drags and how to set them right off in the episode. They also show you how rod position affects the drag pressure that you're putting on the fish along with how the position of the rod affects the amount of pressure needed to strip line from the reel.

    Great info for everyone.....
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    If its a new reel I just tighten the drag down until I can tightly turn the handle a few minutes,letting the drag washers break in together, making them ready for the first big run..Then I tighten it on down untill I can pull line out by hand just before the line starts to dig in.Then back it off 1/4 turn.:wink:

    Putting more drag on is lifting your rod,lower your rod to let fish run to set drag.:cool2:

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    thats how i set mine tighten till its hard to pull by hand. if my rod holder is in soft mud ill pull line out by the end of the rod to make sure it doesnt pull out of the mud.
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    I don't set drags terribly tight.

    If more is needed, I thumb the spool flange, or in the case of spinners, cup the rotor with my left hand.
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    alot depends on the situation. if the fish can run without to much fear of tangles or locked down so he cant run. i do like to test my drag by pulling at the end of the rod with different amounts of bend to get a feel of how it changes, its suprising on some rods. most of the time i run them about 3-4lbs which doesnt sound like much but with the rod laid back its more than you think. ive had striper hit(like a frieght train) and break the line before i could loosen it so i like it light then crank down as needed. im like katmandeux also i like to thumb the spool also, works great for smaller fish.
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    Generally it will depend on what I'm fishing for, but I usually set the drag on my larger reels with a drag scale, but that's for saltwater most of the time. On my smaller tackle, I judge it according to the rod and reel and what line I have. I hate to mess with the drag while fighting a big fish, it's too easy to over tighten or over loosen it.
    Too loose or too much slippage on some reels can burn or melt the drag washers too, I've had some smaller reels start to smoke on when a big fish made a run, it's then a matter of judgment what to do, either loosen the drag and save the reel some damage, or chance it and take the fish. Some drags will lock up if they get too hot. I'm like most, I'd rather catch the fish, I can fix the reel later, but I find that a good set of Carbontex drags can make all the difference in some reels, especially in really cold weather.