Seriously...? Any light at the end of the tunnel?

Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by Tros, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Tros

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    I've been more than a little perturbed with the lack of available ammo. Late last year I bought myself a a nice new Springfield XD .45 with stainless steel slide (Yeah... I like it a lot :wink: ) and have only found a handful of ammo to run through it. When I finally do find ammo I am afraid to shoot the stuff because it is so hard to find a constant supply.

    Luckily my 9mm has a comfortable amount of ammo, but I can not say the same about my .45 acp stock; it just isn't there. Hopefully I've overlooked some recent news, but is there any light at the end of the tunnel? :eek:oooh:
  2. canebreaker

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    I know the feeling.
    Stopped at a walmart, they had 1 box of 380s on the shelf.
    Pulled phone out started texting a friend about buying them.
    Someone beat me to them.
    Another friend bought a carton of large pistol primers for 45.00.
    I can't find small pistol primers.
    I found a large stock of blazer 9mm for 9.50 a box. They have
    berdan primers, costly to reload.
    Found a good stock of winchester 9mm 100 pk for 19.50. But looking
    at box, they have berdan primers.

  3. swampratt

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    always trying to help others out...There is a sight called

    i have bought and sold a few items there is like craigslist for firearms and related stuff...
    I have 2 rifles that i reload a .308 and a 30-30..I use a lee classic loader

    usually 30$ or less to your door...american made ,,,and my groups with the 30-30..are better than store ammo and at $6 a box of 20 for ammo i loaded myself you cant beat it.. will be using the .308 this 4th

    Research it and you may start reloading your own...

    H&H gun range in okc ok. always has the stuff i need..I think they ship also,, they do have a sight.
  4. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    I seen a bit of 45 ammo, more than 9mm, at the last gun show and they had plenty of reloading components for the 45. I dont remember the prices though. Reloading is going to be a must for anyone wanting to shoot much or for a decent price.
  5. Blue Duck

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    I have been looking for some 60 gr. Vmax since spring and I can't find any.
  6. mcseal2

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    I had been out of IMR 4350 which I load in my 7 mag and 22-250 for months, I finally broke down and bought an 8lb can of Gunbroker for $75 more than it would have cost a year ago. I have a 10" steel gong I like to shoot at long range in one of our pastures, and even loading my own ammo the number of rounds I burn is starting to hurt. I don't know where the prices will quit, I hate to think I am stocking up on stuff at current prices and they will drop back to normal in a few months.
  7. iabowhunter

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    South East Iowa
    I am hopeing that all the people that are snagging up all the primers, powder, bullets, and loaded shells have got their "reserve" ammo dump full so that these items will once again become available for other people. I know people in my home town that have more freaking supplies then they will ever need in their lifetime.

    That being said, I am starting to notice that everything is starting to show up on store shelves again. I just got 500 .223 bullets today from Midway USA. They had been on order for over 3 months.

    Keep looking guys....stuff is starting to trickle in.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    same here. 9mm shells were all but extinct for last 6 months. with the stores putting limits on them and everyone getting there stocks up there now available here and there. but seems all the crooks at the gun shops have raised the prices. but wal mart remains the same.

    the winchester 100 value i bought at the gun shop 4 months ago for $25.99. thats not to bad. now there $29.99. wal mart sells them for $19.96. so guess where ill get em even if i have to wait a few weeks for them to show.

    380 is just vanished. havent seen a box of those in months. 45s are here and there. i got my cuz 5 boxes of blazer a WHILE BACK FOR $14 A BOX OF 50. and a box of 100 hollow point rems for $36. all at wally mart.