September Venison Workshops

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    Seems to be the most appropriate place to post since it is only practicle for people in Indiana.

    Learn how to process and prepare venison at one of three September workshops sponsored by Purdue Cooperative Extension Service.
    Purdue extension service instructors will teach participants deer butchering, preparation and cooking techniques.
    Each workshop will also address food safety and handling procedures. All programs start at 6 p.m. local time and the workshop fee is $10.
    For more information or to register, contact the Fayette County Extension Office at (765) 825-8502.

    Program dates and locations:

    - Tuesday, Sept. 11, Plymouth High School Ag Shop (Marshall County)
    - Wednesday, Sept. 12, Monroe County Fairgrounds (Bloomington)
    - Thursday, Sept. 13, Southwest Purdue Ag Center (Vincennes)

    Charlie Cox
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    i see you get the wild bulletin too eh charlie. thankls for posting it for all.