Sept 27 & 28 Report

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  1. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Well, I came down to fish 2 days, and I ended up staying two days, but only got about 2 hours of actual fishing in.

    Friday night, I spent hours trying to catch bait. Set the gillnet directly across from DB ramp, and met Cameron Krazie. He said he thought he saw my gill net moving. When he shined the light back over there it was still. Well, I went to check on in after a while, and it was really bunched up. Felt really heavy, and found a 50lb blue in it!

    Finally ended up fishing just after midnight, and me and my partner boated a 33.5 and 34.5 within about 20 minutes. Had to quit fishing around 2am due to alot of bs I won't go into. Didn't get back out until 6pm Saturday evening, and didn't make it past City Point after launching from Hopewell, when my boat decided to crap out on me. Some great guys came and got me and towed me all the way back to the ramp.

    Gotta figure out why my boat doesn't like me. Once I do, hopefully I can finally get it "on" again. Last two trips = two breakdowns. Frustrating, costly, but it won't stop me.

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    columbus ohio
    Sorry to here about the break down hope to see you on the water next month I will be down twice,the second and last week of november.My wife will come the first trip and my daughter the second.Hope it is nothing to costly with your boat see ya on the water.


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    Sorry to hear about the breakdown bro that always sucks no matter what type of transportation it happens to. anyway congrats on the 50lb in the gill net, thats the biggest kitty ive heard caught that way. Thanks for the report.

  4. freshbaitrules

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    Sorry to hear of the misfortune. I can relate a little.

    My trolling moter took a crap. Fixed it took it out ran great for 10min took a crap again. $10.00

    My bolt on my motor that holds my engine up during trans. broke last trip.
    fixed that. $7.00 (Nauticle Marine, George in parts is awsome!!!)

    Had a leak on my livewell, fixed that. Buddy fixed for free:smile2:

    Aerator pump cracked started leaking, fixed that. $26.00

    J. Pritch Not giving up!

  5. caveman

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    bummer man, i just sold my little bass boat.

    getting a deal on a cc that needs some motor repair too.

    hope to see again at DB sometime.