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  1. Moswaprat

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    Does anybody do any cattin on Wappapello Lake? What methods, where and thatstuff if yall do? Ive done some jugin way back when i was a kid. Dont ever hear much about it was just wondering.
  2. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Sad to say, but for the most part, there is a reason you rarely hear of catfishing in any of the SEMO Lakes.

    I tried for 25 years between there an Clearwater an the two rivers that feed them, with very little luck. I did see a picture at a baitshop once, showing a monster, 25 lb, catfish caught below Clearwater. LOL

    Until I learned here on the BOC where to fish, my best would have to have been around 8 pounds.

    Now, as others here have seen, I get very upset when a 20 lb baby steals my bait.

    It isn't that I've become that much better, it's that now I know where to go and what to do when I get there.

  3. fishassasin

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    Evansville, Ind
    ive caught some nice fish out of wappapello lake and below the dam.... anywhere from 10 to 15 lbs. seen some bigger ones though. im in semo right now and plan on doing some fishing at wappapello lake sometime this weekend
  4. Welkmeister

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    Woodstock AL
    I caught some decent fish on Wappapello lake, mostly on troutline using fresh caught shad for bait. I've almost always fished from Chionia landing up the river. Have some relatives that jug down around Rockwood point and they have caught a few in the 40's, but most run in the 10-20 range. Best advice I can give is use native bait you catch from the lake. I never had any luck on anything other than native.

    I used to own a cabin on that lake near Chionia and the small bait shop close by has 4-5 pics of flats every year that run from 45-55 lb. I think they are there, just have to know the secrets to get at em. The old dogs I know that have fished there since it was built always catch good fish.......they just won't give up the secrets.
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    I've seen some good fish come out of there as well. Bad thing about Wappapello is if you don't know that lake go slow lots of lower end unit eating stomps in there as a big mud bank up close to the dam that has claimed alot of unsuspecting fishermen including myself.