semi V vs. deep V

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by luke1wcu, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. luke1wcu

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    North Carolina
    I'm about to buy a Tracker Pro Team 175 but have also been looking at the V-18 All Fish. I mostly bass fish so I am most concerned with the ability to get in shallow water. I have always thought that a deep V cannot travel as shallow as a semi V. Hence, I am leaning more toward the Pro Team 175 rather than the V-18. But I was told today at the dealership that the V-18 will go shallower because it is wider and therefore sits higher in the water. I find this a little hard to believe.......any thoughts?

    any experienced comments regarding either boat?
    ie: positives and negatives
  2. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    My 2072 with the 12 degree hull will go (float) in less then a 1' of water. AS its 6ft wide in the bottom.
    But I would have them put it in the water and see how low it sits.

  3. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    It very well could draw less water because of volume.
    It's hard to compare two different type hulls when the hulls are different sizes.

    I can tell you now though that if you have hopes of running the sounds your days to do so will be limited with a flat or semi flat boat. What is a little blow at home is a whole different story on the sound. Shallow water gets rougher quicker then deep water. Just a little wind in a sound can make it miserable. Its chop that is miserable. I'd much rather deal with waves.
    The aluminum part doesnt help either.
    On the other hand a deep V in our sounds is precarious. As I mentioned in another post, be able to read water. Out there you'll go from 5 feet to zero way before a depth finder is of any use.

    I dont much care for the Carolina Skiff but between a tracker and a Carolina Skiff I'd go the Carolina Skiff all day long or something like a Southern Skimmer. You are getting more boat for the money and resale value.

    Flounder lights can be readily adapted to the front of a Carolina Skiff. The accesories like transom baitwells , different sized casting decks, different sized consoles, and livewells make it pretty much a build your own boat and a boat that can be added to anytime with ease.
    I got to give it to Carolina Skiff, they market the perfect build your own boat.
    That 21DLX is alot of boat. Dont waste your time or money on the 17. That boat is cramped with 2 people. The bigger the skiff you go with the more future options that are available. I would test drive anything before I bought it.
  4. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    unless them bass you are fishing for are walking around on the bank i dont think it will matter which one will go shallower. once either one of the hits the bottom you will be on the bank with your trolling motor. i like the deep vees myself. i cannot take that beating the semi vee give in rough water. ive got a 18ft lund deep vee and bust right on through 2-3 ft waves and not take a beating.
  5. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    10-4 On them 18ft. Lunds deep Vs.Great Boats in rough water! Woulden't trade mine for 2 of them others.JMHO! J.D.
  6. dougc

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    I would definitely go with the V. Will be ten times the boat the Pro Team is. I've had three Trackers. A mod-v 16', then a TX17 mod-v, now I've got a 16' deep v and I'll never go back.
  7. gilmafam

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    Mark J is right on... you dont want to get another and another and another... get a long one and have room for your friends and your stuff that you need for fishing... 16 is short, usles your going to put it in the back of a truck....Consider where you are going to fish and for what?

    bayrunner ray
  8. cookch

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    I went with idaho Flats pro series It gave me the 1 1/2 of water that i wanted and i could have the boat the way i wanted it!! 2072 with the 12 degree hull will go (float) in less then a 1' of water. AS its 6ft wide in the bottom.
    But I would have them put it in the water and see how low it sits.
  9. curveball

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    Saint Clairsville, Ohio
    My Friend, I have had semi-V and now have a 16 ft. deep V and I also fish for bass. I would never have another semi-V in my garage. The deep V gives me more storage and a better ride, safer in heavy water and just all around better setup. Hope you go with the deep V for comfort and fish-ability. I have been in as shallow water as you can get, no problem. Fish cannot find water any more shallow that I have been in here in Ohio and West Virginia. Remember, you have a fishing pole with line on it that you can cast a great distance so have fun.
    I am sold on the deep V.
  10. F150Catfish

    F150Catfish New Member

    I have one semi V. I don't have problem with this as far.
  11. Randy

    Randy New Member

    I'd love to have a Carolina Skiff at least a 24 footer, and a Cattoon and a bass boat and a! well you get the story BUT when I'm Jug fishen its usually back in a stump filled area and up one stump onto another one just gass the motor push over it and onto the next one. Our when I want to git back into a pocket off the main river over a sand bar I hit it wide open then slide and push with a push pole. When I'm going up the creeks and a log blocks my way I'll use the motor to push up and over then raise the motor as I slide off. Plus I still fish the big open water. Any good 1860 modified V can do this if the motor is not to big and their's not to much weight in the boat. You have to match the boat to where and the way you fish not they way I do.