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  1. o'boro cat hunter

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    Is it possible to put barrings and gears in a 1978 Johnson 70h/p without going to the way overpaid boat shop.
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  2. BKS72

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    If you have a manual, the right tools, and mechanical ability you should be able to do it. If you can find someone with a manual you can take a look at the Lower Unit section, see what the job entails, and then decide if you want to take it on or not.

    I got a spare lower unit on eBay for a 1980 75hp for $300 - probably less than what you'll pay for gears on a complete rebuild of yours. Take a look and see what's out there.

    Are you sure it needs a complete rebuild or did the local shop do like some do here - give it back in pieces, claim it's a total loss, and hope you are intimidated enough by the box of parts to fork over whatever they want without actually looking at the gears?

  3. Bubbakat

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    They are not that hard to do and rarely do you have to replace every gear.