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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by hct236, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. hct236

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    hey folks, I have a 7mm-08 so far it has proven a deadly 1 shot killer at longer ranges, but I have began hunting in an area where the shots are almost always 50-75 yds. and my current bullets pass right thru without much damage (federal fusion) I am looking for a bullet that will perform better at close ranges (bullet expansion) I do not reload so I am looking for factory ammo, and purchasing another gun is out of the picture right now.
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    Howard,Welcome to the BOC. Without reloading ,you're gonna have a hard time finding a good combo at those ranges.I thing maybe a lighter bullet weight that is suited for hunting thin skinned big game is what you need something in the 120 gr range,I am not sure if there are any factory loads available that light that are not varmint loads. My son also shoots a 7mm/08 and has had good luck with Sierra game kings in the 120 gr,as well as the 140 grain gamekings. The clincher is that I reload nearly all of our ammo,so I am able to load as needed for the situation.

  3. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    Howard I shoot a .280 Remington and it is a 7mm also. I shoot a winchester
    blastic silvertip. I have used this round for many years and have never had
    any problems at any range close or far. I use a 140 grain in the .280. I hunt
    from tree stands and box blinds and will only take high percentage shots.
    Ammo makers including winchester make bullets for different game in the
    same weight and identical to the eye. The blastic silver tip I use is for thin
    skinned big game and has a picture of a deer on the box. They also make
    same bullet for elk and moose and an even different bullet for large african
    game. Be sure you get the correct bullet for the game you hunt. I have seen
    hunters hunt deer with a bullet designed for larger game thinking if it will work
    for elk it will defiantly work for deer. This is wrong, you end up with poor
    expansion and poor blood trails and lost game. Good luck finding a round
    that both you and your rifle like.
  4. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    i use the ballistic sivertip winchester ammo in my 25-06 and it does great on long and short range shots. i have also used federal bearclaw bullets as well and they do a good job as well. my gun likes the silvertips a little better but both bullets work well.
  5. Jacksmooth

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    West Virginia
    I also use a 280 with 140gr bullets but I use the ballistic tip from Remington. Most all my shots are under 80 yards where I hunt. I have never had a deer run after shooting it with my 280. The bullet expands well. I used to use Horndays but could only get them in Moly coated and that chit is hard to clean out. Good luck in your search. There are some good knowledgable guys here who can help you and a few has already thrown some good advice at you.
  6. mcseal2

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    I have a couple 7 mags and a 280 and agree with the others about the Nosler ballistic tip bullet, it will open quickly and create a wicked wound. If you can pick good broadside shots they will work great.

    I also like Nosler's accubond bullet, they open easily and will shed around 40% of it's weight as they hit an animal creating separate wound channels while the rest holds together for deep penetration. If you are hunting where you may have to take a quartering or shoulder shot they would be my first choice. My loads are fast enough that I prefer this bullet on big game for more reliable performance at all ranges.

    My favorite thing about the nosler ballistic tip and accubond bullets reloading is that they fly the same, so I can practice and shoot coyotes with the cheaper ballistic tips and then step up to the accubond for tougher game without changing my load or ballistics. They are pricey, but nosler makes a factory load that would work well, or most major companies load their bullets.

    Sierra gameking bullets also performed well for me, and would work well at your velocity. I would avoid going lighter than 140 grains unless you can take all perfect broadside shots and avoid bone. The ballistic tip and sierra gameking will be about as quick expanding of a 140 grainer as you will get.
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  7. billNpam

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    This might sound crazy but if I know that the shot will be under 100 yds I use a 12 Gauge shotgun. Sure it is not as pretty as saying that I killed that one with a 7mm or a something high powerd. But using a 3 inch mag with a 1 1/4 oz slug I do not have a deer go anywhere after the shot.
  8. backwoodsman68geric

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    12ga is hard to beat under a 100 yards(even out to 150). My combo has been deadly with no tracking. Hard to argue with that. 30+deer and counting.
  9. Little Bill

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    Winchester Super X Power Point 140grain. Shot deer 20 yards out to 75 yards goes through no problem. Shot a 5 point with 7mm08 last season quartering to me through front shoulder and bullet exited behind last rib on other side. Deer made it about 15 yards. This shot was at 30 yards or less. Some people say these bullets are junk. They have been around since 1920 and this is the bullet I used in my .30.06 for 20 years and it lays them down quick. Killed over 100 deer with this junk 5 yards -350 yards and most don't make it 20 yards and blood is everywhere thats if you put it in the right spot, behind the shoulder ,in shoulder not the guts. If your gun likes them try them. I tried rem core lock with poor results. It may have been freak thing But the first deer shot with 7mm08 rem core lock 80 yards broadside, hit a rib and bullet broke in 5 pieces and didn't make it through other side and deer ran about 75 yards leaving little blood. Swapped to super x took 2 shots 2 deer first dropped and second 15yard recovery blood everywhere both under 75 yards. So far same results as the .30-06 bullets. If you dont like Super X go with a partition or accubond but you will pay nearly twice the amount but that's ok too.

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    i would go with a heavier weight bullet if your shots are going to be under 100 yards. I shoot a BAR 300 win mag and shoot 180's. Drops them in their tracks from 1 yard to 300.:wink: Just got to make sure i don't shoot them in the shoulder, because it will put a hole in er.
  11. Blue Duck

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    I shoot only reloads now and I use Nosler Partitians. For many years I shot store bought ammo. Always had good luck with Remington Core lokt.
  12. FishMan

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    I would shoot Brenneke KO sabot slugs in 2 3/4 out of my browning 12 ga. auto loader for the distance you speak of.

  13. sheldonc

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    I have rifles from .243 to 30/06. All I have ever used for whitetails is
    either remington core-loks or Winchester power points. I have shot deer from 10 yds to 250 yds. I have never had a bullet come apart. Bullets perform well with good penetration, expansion, and good blood trails.
  14. Cutbait101

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    south carolina
    remington core-lok ultra,this is a bonded bullet but it does not act like it wicked at close range!also cant go wrong with the ballistic tips,i have killed hundred plus with 140 gr bt in 270 win. good luck
  15. DIESELkat

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    I shoot a .270 so we arent talking apples to apples exactly but I love my core-lokt PSPs. They do a wonderful job expanding at close range and since theyre pointed tips they do relatively well at longer ranges also. Everyone is going to have a different opinion just as if you asked them what the best caliber is or the best brand of truck. As long as you use good ammo and get familier with what the gun/caliber/bullet combo is that your using, you should have a wide variety of choices that will do well at close range and mid range. Good luck to you.
  16. Angler4life

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I hear that the new Winchester Silver ballistic tip bullets are great. Maybe give them a try.
  17. massa_jorge

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    i have killed many many deer from 10 feet to 400 yards with power points- they have never let me down and they don't cost a whole lot. when the vitals look like purple pudding at field dressing time, you know that bullet did its job.
    what i was going to say was if you had a place to shoot hogs, shoot some of them with the round you are deer hunting with. i test all my ammo from handgun to rifle on hogs first, most of the time.
  18. gamaCatsu

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    welcome to the boc..

    im a die hard deer hunter i hunt more then i fish.. and i fish ALOT..

    i have a 7mm mag, .308. and a .243 i shoot 150gr out of my 7mm and 308 just change up your shot placement, if im taking a deer from 50-100 yards i aim for the shoulder, so that the bullet has something to grab such as bone and the bigger muscles and tissue of the animal. it makes for more of a spread on the bullet causing it to mushroom more then say a vital area such as lungs,neck..ect ect. because almost every shot i take past 100 yards is low and just behind the shoulder taking the heart or lungs.
  19. flathead willie

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    I use 170 gr. Remington "core lokt" soft points in my Ruger 30-06. From 0 to 300 yards they are deadly.
  20. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I love those Winchester 168 grain moly coated ballistic tips out past 100 yards in the .308. The price sucks.
    Used to buy them for 17-19 bucks a box. Now 40-45 bucks a box.

    Inside of hundred I'd prefer a a lighter loaded soft point. Slow it down a bit.
    An old generic Remington round fits the bill.