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    In my two short years of exclusive catfishing, catching bait has been one of the most memorable and fun things i have ever experienced. Ive tried many methods such as catching creek chubs, bluegill and shiners on rod and reel, throwing a baited trap in the water and hope I get a lot of bait without a turtle or muskrat tearing my expandable trap, and my favorite, seining. Seining can produce the best outcome when wanting to have a variety of bait. And being prepared is the most important thing about fishing for any species. On every seining occasion, I seine in a small creek that feeds the large Scioto River here in central Ohio, I have caught multiple species of bait fish and a ton of crawdads. Usually when I want to seine I ask about 4 people to come with me, we all get some sturdy old shoes on and quietly step into the creek. Two people holding the seine and the other two upstream stirring up the water and moving the baitfish closer to the seine. I like to find a little hole to seine in so that after the first pass with the seine is made, the baitfish are trapped and have to swim into the seine on the second or third pass. This can make for productive fishing using a wide variety of baitfish. Usually I catch creek chubs, two types of shiners, bluegill and sunfish, crawdads, large tadpoles, even gobys, and of course a ton of crawfish.

    I just wanted to share some knowlege, you guys sure share enough with me.