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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Cattoo, Aug 15, 2006.

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    i was just wondering if any of you guys have ever had the opportunity to actually watch a catfish take your bait while fishing. i got the opportunity one time. i was fishing a small stream near my house that feeds i into a major lake. in the spring when we get a lot of rain the stream will flood allowing all kinds of nice fish into it. the water goes back down and they get trapped. i like to take my ultralight and sight fish bass and bluegill in this stream. one day i was down there and i was fish this deep hole of water near a rock bluff, there was a log out in the water and i could see there was a decent sized fish sitting under it. i couldnt tell what it was til i saw its tail . deep forked tail, gotta be a channel cat. i had some green worms with me and i put a couple on my hook and tossed it towards the log. now being the expert caster that i am i managed to land the bait behind the fish instead of in front of him. i started to reel it up and try again but i didnt. i just let it set there for a moment. i guess it was about 20 seconds and the catfish started stirring around then he slowly did a 180 and ate the bait! i set the hook and after a short struggle, i had to drag him over the log, i had a channel about a pound and a half. that was one of the most amazing things i have ver witnessed while fishing.
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    I have never got the chance to see a fish hit the bait in open water. But they have those lure test showings at the Bass Pro Shop and its fun to watch the fish come up and nail the bait in the water.

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    Yes I have last year Bass fishing I caught a 4 or 5 lb channel he followed a roster tail to about a foot from shore i watched him hit the lore fun:big_smile:
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    I got to see some Gills take the bait but that is it, would be pretty wild to watch though.
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    I have been lucky and got to see catfish, bass, crappie, bream and a lot of saltwater fish take my bait. It is fun to watch and the anticapation is a killer especially when you are looking at the fish waiting.
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    I caught a 10 pound channel out of a 1/4 acre farm pond earlier this year. I could see the bait at the bottom and the fish sprinted towards it, scooped it up with its mouth, and kept on going, pole bent way down and it looked like the equivelent of a clothesline. It definately set the hook itself and made him to a unwilling 180. lol Was pretty cool to watch, but i dont think all fish eat as aggressive as that one.
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    I would rather not see a fish follow, and strike, reason bein is I want to set the hook befor the fish get the
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    watching a fish bite is exciting... but it can also be heart breaking (not knowing when to set the hook)... At the camp i taught this summer for fishing we went on a "field trip" to a local "hotspot" and well one of the kids located a catfish in the shallows under a bush... I took a jig (i know i should have let the kids catch it but they all would have been in the 3 ft area trying to catch that fish, like they did when the fish went back there after i released it) with a little piece of worm on it and hung it right in front of him maybe 4 inches from his mouth... as soon as it was there for 10 seconds at most he inhaled it... set the hook and let the kids see a catfish up close :)

    I do that with bluegills and the goldfish at a pond by my house and its great... but its really annoying doing it with creek chubs (local river) and seeing them bite it but setting the hook to nothing... other places that happens too... never had the opportunity for many catfish bites like that but its fun no matter what :)
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    Believe it or not, I've done it twice. Once I was fishing a topwater in about a foot of water right off the bank. I saw a dark mini torpedo speed toward and hit my topwater. Unfortunately, I got excited at the explosion and missed him. It looked like a small flathead.

    When I was 4 or 5 I was fishing with my dad using live crawfish. I clearly remember tossing my crawfish a few feet up a ditch that ran into a local creek and watching it float down. On one of my "drifts" a channel cat ambushed my crawfish just as it left the ditch and entered the creek. It was probably only 2 or 3 pounds, but it seemed like a monster to this little fella!
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    i cant beleave this is still a post.:lol:
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    I have got to do this a few times... Many in a small creek i used to Fish... It would only get about 4 1/2 ft deep and most spots where shallow , but it was as clear as day.... i would just drop my bait down and depending on what i was going after i would watch it take my bait...