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    Have any of you tried spacing seed other than "by the book"? Not necessarily as intensive as "square foot gardening", but try to get more out of you garden than you would if you followed guidelines set by either farmers using equipment to plant, harvest, etc,, or by information far outdated.

    I have learned that they were right when they tell us not to plant corn closer than 10 inches. Ended up with more stalks, but less ears by far. What I want to know is how close could we place the rows? I am able to get a tiller between the rows quite easily until the corn gets knee high or so, than it's too close for the tiller without chancing damaging the leaves. By the time it's harvest time, it's not too easy to walk down the row.
    Still, I wonder........
    Could the rows be closer and what would the positives verses negatives be?

    I now plant my bush beans different than I was told. I plant each bean only about two or three inches apart in a zig-zag motion to where the row of seed is actually about 4 inches wide at planting. Then I repeat on another row, with the two rows being only twenty four inches apart. When the beans are matured and producing, there is barely enough room to place a foot on the inside between the rows.
    Still, I wonder.......
    Could there be another method that would produce more beans and still be able to get to them easily?

    I do realize that I do waste some seed, packing the plants close together, but that is well worth getting more produce in the end. I have never looked at gardening as a profit-loss thing and the costs are all minor placed against the benefits.

    Any idea's?
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    Kutter I always plant a lot more seed than recommended but I think
    seeds are fairly cheap considering the time and work involved in
    re-planting. I always try to get a good stand up, you can always thin
    out if you need to.

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    Yes ,Tom. I plant as close as I think on some seeds and later if I find its too close,then I thin,If a packet says plant 4 seeds per foot I usually plant three,then leave all to grow.:wink: I find they go farther that way,no reason to " WASTE"