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See if I got this straight...

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Think I will Striper fish tomorrow so I can try the Neuse again Friday night....... When I look at the map (Google Earth) and compare it to the directions to the ramps mentioned in the earlier thread (Whitetail and Ferry Bridge), I see two other ramps that may be different but may be the same. If I head out of Smithfield on Brogden (SR-1007) I eventually get to Richardsons Bridge (right off of 1007 onto 1201) and if I go a little farther I get to Cox's Ferry (right off of 1007 onto 1224).

In what order do the ramps line up down river from Smithfield and them, where does the water get deeper, or does it?

1. Jug
2. Lumber Yard

In any case, we are going to take the Jon Boat again just to make sure we don't get stuck anywhere.
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ponykilr is right on the ramp order......i will say this about the ramps........i hate richardson sometimes right at the ramp is sooooo shallowwwwwwww.........but i will say that if a man has the right the 1's used on the dan river(small jons with jet drives) he could kill em above richardson about 5- 10 miles up.......mack..
weather permiting and my partner letting me know tonight i should be in the ft barnwell are sat mid day to late...............i will let you know for sure.......just dont laugh at my boat if you see me.....mack
distance from my drive way to the 5 ramps i use down there is 110 -120 miles........takes 2 1/2 hrs but i stop at the neuse sport shop to get crickets.........i just got word from rodney ....he has 30 chapters to read and learn for school......he problay cant go.......i may take my son but we will see.... i put a hole in my medium canoe the other day, so its out of commision for a few kit on little canoe is too small to catfish out of and my big 1 takes 2 people to load and son is only 9 so we will see.........good luck if you go..mack
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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