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See if I got this straight...

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Think I will Striper fish tomorrow so I can try the Neuse again Friday night....... When I look at the map (Google Earth) and compare it to the directions to the ramps mentioned in the earlier thread (Whitetail and Ferry Bridge), I see two other ramps that may be different but may be the same. If I head out of Smithfield on Brogden (SR-1007) I eventually get to Richardsons Bridge (right off of 1007 onto 1201) and if I go a little farther I get to Cox's Ferry (right off of 1007 onto 1224).

In what order do the ramps line up down river from Smithfield and them, where does the water get deeper, or does it?

1. Jug
2. Lumber Yard

In any case, we are going to take the Jon Boat again just to make sure we don't get stuck anywhere.
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Mack have you been downriver of kinston lately, if so how have you done. I havent caught a thing there in the last 2 times. The last 2 times have been coming upriver from new bern about 5-8 miles but still you would think there would be fish there.
Cant come laugh at your boat anytime soon, just kidding. I am in California right now doing some training. I wont be back till like the 25th or so, then we have the Gathering, so I guess the neuse will be on the back burner for another month or so, maybe the water will cool off soon so they will start biting.
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