Secure that plug & bail can.

Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by peewee williams, Feb 21, 2006.

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    I know that some never have and never will.This is for those that have,will do so again,or think that they could LEAVE THE PLUG OUT.Solidly attach your plug with a string,cable or chain that will reach the hole.There is nothing worse than feeling around in muddy water,for a plug that has bounced around in the back of your boat,since the last time that you took it out.If it is attached,you know right where to search.Carry a spare.Your plug has moving parts.They will malfunction and wear out.If you regularly find sand in your boat,A stainless steel one will last longer and may be cheaper in the long run.Attach a bailing device in the same manner as the plug.REASONS.If you take on too much water,you may not be able to run fast enough to "run it out" through the plug hole.In fact,it will run in.You will have to bail.BE VERY CAREFUL when you attempt to run it out.The water can all run to the back of the boat,submerging the back of the boat and motor,leaving you swamped,or SUNK,if your boat is overloaded.Yup,I seen it.If you do end up with out a plug.Tie a large knot in a shirt rag,ect,and(outside in) poke the rag through the hole and keep the knot pulled up against the hole while you head home.Make sure that it will not get in your motors prop.Peewee-williams
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    lol....Been there done that. I always keep a spare in the boat. I have forgot the plug and parked and came back with 4" of water in the boat. I ran the boat without the plug and it will suck it out and then put the plug back in. But I caught it in time. I seen guys have to put it on the trailer to let it;)

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    Yea trying to put a plug in when the water is 40 degress isn't fun either. LOL
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    Thats why I like my plug, it is a threaded type, which is captive in the hole. I for some reason have never forgot to put it in, wonder what else will get me.
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    I have an automatic bilge in my day while backing the boat down the ramp I about drowned some bank fisherman when the bilge auotmaticaly kicked on....

    I decided to start taking out my threaded plug and leaving it on the trailer....(BIG MISTAKE) well the next time I went fishing I remembered my plug or lack there of....

    we had to strap the boat back down and go to the hardware store to get another one.....

    Now I have 3, one on the trailer two in the boat