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Secret to Catching fish

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Man i have noticed if I want to catch fish. Bring a couple kids along while you bait hooks they are realing them in. And every one and awhile they will even let you catch one.
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Everytime I take my daughter and some friends fishing I realize what it is like to be a guide. I end up spending all my time baiting hooks, taking fish off the hook, getting someone a drink, getting a snagged line loose, tieing a new rig, etc. LOL!!

I learned a long time ago to just forget about fishing for yourself when you take kids and let them enjoy it. You will become a legend in their minds.
LOL I know thats right I love to fish with kids or people that have not fished before. Its an awsome day to see someone catch there first fish. I can still remember the first fish I ever caught.
Your Right About No Fishing.

But To See Some Catch The Biggest Catfish Of They Life Or A Kid Catch Anyfish Big Or Small. The Look On There Face Is Something You Will Never Forget. I Have Watched Many People Catch Catfish This Season Over 20 , 30 Even 40 # . And The Storys They Will Tell For Years To Come About Thier Trip Its Great To Know I Done Something For Someone To Maybe Chage There Life In A Small Way. Maybe I Got A Kid Hooked On Fishing An Not Drugs, So If Your Have Some Kids Around Just Take Them Out One Time And You Will See Its Work But Its Alot Of Fun Too.
Youre absolutely right. I remember the very first fish I caught like it was yesterday and it still gets me excited.:thumbsup: So whenever I get the opportunity I love to take my nieces and nephews and whoever else fishing. Youre also right about changing their lives in some small way. If I hadn't fished so much as a kid growing up who knows what kind of trouble I would have gotten in.
This year i got my brother into catfishing.Took me over 20years to get him to fish.First tim out he hooked a 25lb shovelhead and now he is hooked. Love taking my 5y/o son fishing with me i remember how much i enjoyed those times with my father when i was a kid and i hope my son remembers these times with me
I remember my dad taking me and my sister fishing when I was a kid. He hardly ever took a pole, he just helped us and watched us. Now with two kids of my own, I know why!LOL
Several years ago I took a friend of mines 8 or 9 year old boy with me fishing for carp, I like to catch them just for fun. When we got there he put on a floater with a nightcrawler to try and catch a blugill. I asked him if he wanted to fish for carp but he said he usally just catches gill for his dad for bait. I told him if he changed his mind I would teach him how to catch carp. After I caught a couple of nice size carp he seemed more interested so I had him come over where I was at and I took off his floater and put on bigger sinker with a wheaty ball and told him where to cast. We had sat there about 5 mins. and I was telling him how to fish on bottom when he got a good run and hook it, he was so excited I could barley get him to calm down enough to reel in the fish. His carp was about 6 or 7# and he was so proud he looked like he was going to bust. If anybody could possible grin all over I think he was. For years whenever I ran into him he would talk about that fishing trip.
But what he didn't know was I think I enjoyed it more than him, it was one of my favorite fishing trips. Its been over 15 years ago and I still talk about it. LOL :D
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Kids,are the future of fishing.The most fun and biggest thrills,are watching kids fish.peewee-williams
we caught the biggest fish yet on rod n reel when i was fishin with my lil brother.
If you ever read the accounts of a world record fish being caught, most of the freshwater fish are caught by some kid or person fishing in some local pond with a nightcrawler. Not too may "professional anglers" end up with those records.
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