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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Dirtman, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Well i was able to try this bait tonight in 90F weather at 8PM and did had a few bites/hits,But i was unable to hook any of them. I think the bait is going to work good for me once the weather is better and i learn how to fish for catfish again. Few questions below....

    Should the bait be refrigerated?
    Better to fish tight line or leave lose?

    Nothing is really going to be moving on a night were at 8PM its is 90f.My brother who was fishing for bluegills/crappie only catched only two little blues gills,So getting a few bites i thought was pretty good for the for weather conditions we have here now.
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    North Caro
    If it is the same as Soneys dip bait , you do not refridgerate . If you need to change the consistancy you can add a little vegtable oil to thin it out , or a little flower to thicken it up . I have always used a tight line when fishing dip bait , but this is just me . Hope this can help you out . :wink::big_smile:

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    as far as tight line or not for me it depends on the hook im using.if its a circle hook ill tight line it,anyother hook i keep a little slack.