Second catfish trip of the year... not much better, but had fun!

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    Went back to pickwick dam and fished on the catwalk last night.

    Used shad, skipjack guts, and Doc's Catfish Getter for bait.

    Only caught 4 catfish... 3 were pond stocking size and one was a whole fry... but hey, first catfish of the year! All were caught on the Doc's.

    Caught two other fish, one was the highlight of the night... a nice bruiser of a drum I'd say in the 15 pound range on ultralight tackle (that being a zebco 33 and 10 pound test line). This fish had two other hooks in its mouth where it had broken off before, and it appeared one of the hooks and leader was from another guy I know that was fishing there earlier! I'm really quite amazed I got him in... I had two other poles out that it successfully tangled up and one of which had to be re-spooled but I'm happy!

    The last fish was a one of them hybrid striper things... I dunno how much it weighed but it was a decent sized fish and put up a darn good fight for the tackle I was using. Caught it on skipjack guts of all things.

    All in all a good trip... just need more and bigger catfish!