Seasonal effects on the catfish contest

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    had a little time to kill so I decided to analyze the old channel catfish contest for seasonal trends...

    I also overlaid that upon my own humble catches.

    attached is the trend line of both. these lines are two week averages. whats intriguing is the sharp drop about the third week of june, then a post spawn rise , then another drop in the first week of august; which I think has to do with high level of food in the rivers.

    my own data suggests that trends Might be similar but delayed. Notice the post-spawn Rise your is about July 15 mine is closer to Aug 7. (this is when I called the Cathatch 'reliable'). this makes sense since the water at the dam is quite a lot colder.

    I missed the great catch of May (was into walleye, then).

    I take some comfort then to think we might be coming out out of it. possibly towards 5-6 per week (average). thus if we can persevere we might get to 24-25 by Oct1 (channels)...


    anyone else ever analyze their notes for seasonal trends? do you normally see a slowdown in spawn funk, postspawn spike, then lat summer funk followed by better luck towards sept-oct???

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    Interesting Jolie I remember from this year Mid May to about the end of June the bite was pretty good. Last year me and a buddy were having a great time catching the Channels in October into early November.

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    alot of fish put on their feedbags before winter, i'm guessing cats do the same, middle of summer should be called the skunk days of summer not dog days of summer :cool2: