SE Illinois Panfish-Catfish Lakes

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by R Bishop, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Hello Everyone, I am pretty new to this board and think it is a great place. The wife and I do alot of fishing. Mainly for catfish and panfish. I was wondering if anyone could recomend a lake in SE or SC Illinois that was good for both. We are restriced to bank fishing at this time. We practice C&R with all catfish and like to keep just enough panfish to make a mess. I am located in Marshall (about 17 miles W of Terre Haute Ind.) and dont mind driving 100 miles for a chance to fight with a monster catfish. Well guys any help would be appricated, I cant really afford to drive 100 miles just to check a place out and see if there is even a place any good to fish it with the price of gas. Thanks agian
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    I live in Bloomington IL wich is pretty much in the middle of IL. I go to Bloomington lake and consitantly pull out 20lbs+ cats each summer. Believe it or not I find nightcrawlers as the best bait, next to commercial dip bait.( I have a couple real great spots out here I can give you if interested)

    As for the bluegill situation....There is litarly a ton of BG at Blm lake. Also Clinton lake I have had some luck ( 8lbs, 13lbs) with channels and flatheads. Dawson (morine view aquatic park) has nice eating cats, 3-6 lbs channel cats.

    I have even pulled some 9lbs flat heads outta the macinaw on chicken livers.

    I have yet to got to shelbyville but hear good things about it.

    All these places are great bank fishing spots. Hope that helps.:cool2: