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    Hey all, I wanted to see how long everyone sits on a spot that they scouted. What made you think that spot was a good spot that you scouted and what you look for when scouting areas?
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    Jeff City MO
    I am bank bound so I will sit in one spot all night. I dont move more than 50 yards or so ever. In a boat I will move within an hour. I look for structure close to shallows (within 50-100 yrds). If I can find structure right on deep water, with shallows that have some structure in em I will hit that place 5-6 times before calling it unproductive. I may even come back a year later and try it a couple more times. By structure I mean log jam, ledge, stuff on bottom, points, where it goes from dirt bank to rip-rap, etc. Just about anywhere old flattie can hide from the current, and sun.

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    Belleville Michigan
    I fish for channel cats. In rivers I look first for log jams, preferably large and near a deep (for that stretch) hole. I'll also try rock pile, lowhead dams, any good ambush spot. But that can change depending on what I think the fish are feeding on, for instance if they seem to be feeding on mayfly larvae, I'll look for spots near mud flats. As far as how long I'll sit on a spot. I don't bank fish. I either wade or use a boat. Usually I will leave a bait in place for 10 or 15 minutes, If I'm on a large log jam I might fish 8 distinct spots, with 2 lines, thats going to take about an hour. If My first three stops all produce fish from right up next to bank only, I'll focus on that zone for the rest of the day, but not exclusively. I hope this helps.
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    I like to fish for flats in big deep bends and heavys stucture.. blues out in the open deep or shallow.. and channels anywhere....
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    When i scout I look for good structure, trees and stuff in the lakes, and see where the dead shad and stuff are at usually if there dead fish they will be cats
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    I do alot of scouting. I use one of those free sattelite imagery programs online to look at my river and find good areas to start searching. Then I try those spots at peak periods, an hour either side of sun-up and sunset. If I know a spot looks too good to not have fish I'll fish it many times before I give up on it. I won't usually fish a new spot more than an hour or two at a time. I don't want to find spots that big fish just happen through occasionally. I want to find the best habitat where they live and congregate. It's been my experience that if you throw a decent bait right in front of a big blue or flathead they will usually eat it very quickly. Theres been some honey holes I've found for big fish that I initially fished 3 or 4 times before I finally ran into any fish. Usually it's just a matter of being there at the right time of day.